Audrey's Art and Charlie's Music

May 19th, 1997

It is another cold, cloudy, day, prolonging this miserable spring.
The dark green grass waits for the rest of the vegetation to catch up.
I know it will if we can get some sunshine.

Charlie is putting together our web pages. Charlie decided I should write about us because I do all the writing for my shows and personal letters which doesn't amount to much, and I'm sure I don't write any better then he does.

This is our 13th year in Maine. We fell in love with Maine in 1962, 35 years ago, the summer Charlie had a job at the Thorndike Hotel that was owned by Nate Baleosky, the brother of Louise Nevelson. I remember seeing her large wooden sculptures in the lobby and I remember paintings in the dinning room by famous artists. There was a bar lounge area in the basement where Charlie, drummer Don McBride and saxophonist Rod Bridges, played. That summer we met Dick Cash, who played trumpet, Nick and Pat Cokinis, jazz lovers and other interesting people.

Mr. Files the barber of Thomaston rented us his attic apartment. He told us that he cut Andy Wyeth's hair. I wasn't sure that I had heard of him (Andy Wyeth), however we went to see his work at a local grange hall in the Cushing area.

Our first son Douglas was born April 24th and he was 8 weeks old when we went to Maine, so most of my time was spent caring for him. Both Charlie and I love the water, and we have always had to live near it. Charlie fished for Striped Bass in the St. George river. I painted watercolors along it's bank. We drove down back roads to see coves and islands and rocky shores, Maine was the most beautiful place I'd ever been. It was uncorrupted, simple and natural. Maine was in the back of our minds for years so when our second son Christopher graduated from high school Charlie and I looked for our home in Maine and found it in Back Cove Waldoboro. It was found for us by Pat Cokinis, a friend we met the summer of 62.

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