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     After being employed by FILA USA for 6 years, as a Model Maker / Pattern Maker. I did spent a fair amount of time designing footwear. So this represents some of the work completed during that time.

Like an Artists statement …… My main goal is to have a place to show my work, which is mainly Sculpture. What I plan to show here is all the different aspects of my work and life. I have worked in many styles. To the extent, that some people come to my shows, and think there is more than one artist showing. What I want is, is to explore different media, different modes of working, and to stay challenged …… which in part, is why I’m creating this web page.

Speaking of my work, I do think there is a common thread to it, Nature, because that’s what I love. I believe everything is related and repeating. And I think that’s what I’m trying to do in a small way, is to show the relationships of life. The stars and the molecules, a river and tree branch, a branch and a human arm, and so on.

It’s not that I’m thinking of these things, when I create something. Because I don’t really think about what I’m doing, although I do notice when it’s happening and I sometimes help it along. So I can't take the credit for the shape, or lines I put together because I know that I ‘m just copying something I’ve seen somewhere. I really don’t think there is anything that’s truly original. If you think about it, what idea doesn’t spring from something related to it? I'm not saying people don’t have good ideas, I just think if we were living in a sea of black, we wouldn’t think anything.

Anyway the important aspect of art is in the doing of it, not the looking at it. Any way you can express yourself in a positive way whether you’re working in the garden, or you’re singing songs to your friends. That's a great thing! I think the idea of art, is to do things in a thoughtful way, a way that improves everybody’s life. Maybe the changes is really small, but all those small changes and up, and before you know it.... well who knows.

I'm also going to link other sites that are related, like my Family, and friends, and maybe other things. So hopefully you will enjoy your stay …… I’m still learning, so I think this web site will improve with time ……

I little info. about Doug……Boat Building and Fishing was my first love. Unfortunately or luckily, when I graduated from Whittier Tech High School, we were in the middle of a recession with 20% interest rates. So my dream of building Sloops and Schooners was put on hold. In the meantime, I somehow got the idea. (Although my brother Chris was doing some carving at the time, so he said it was his idea. ) That, I would carve wooden birds, and sell them to the tourists that summer. Anyway, I started whittling, I started with Canada Geese at first because they are beautiful, and they were also easy to paint :-) My first carvings were pretty bad, but could see that they were getting better and better with each carving. And although I still thought they were pretty bad.  My mom's friend Pamela Pierce, brought them to a store called Churchill's in Newburyport. So that's how it started…Churchill's made an initial purchase, and continued to purchase them for the next five years!

Excerpts from Pleiades Artsnorth Magazine, Summer 96……As a young boy, Douglas Bechler fell in love with boats and their shapes. While attending Whittier Vocational Technical School in Haverhill, He started to carve decoys and birds that were successfully marketed by a local store. His love of nature and keen observation allowed him to produce these birds with such skill and accuracy that he was awarded ribbons in the 1985 National Decoy Show and placed third for both his Mallard and Canadian Goose in the highly competitive Ward Foundation World Championship. Due to the long, lonely hours it took for each carving and despite receiving the coveted award, he abandoned in frustration all of his creative efforts for three years, working solely as a carpenter. Then, by chance, he visited Sante Fe where the artistic atmosphere so inspired him, Bechler returned to create his first imaginative sculpture. Today he is a Copley Master and still receives coveted awards, now for his graceful and creative sculptural art. Bechler is currently working sculpture: in wood, stone and clay and cast bronze. His favorite medium is wood, -especially walnut," says Bechler, who likes "the way it carves and the way it looks.- Doug even sculpted a griffin-like figure from ice for Newburyport's First Night Celebration. The large maple sculpture, Windblown, that was judged "First in Sculpture- by the Copley Society of Boston came from a tree that at one time was growing in his front yard.

Notwithstanding the apparent freeform of his sculptures, there's always a natural component to the design. Although his forms appear abstract and non -representational at first, Bechler sees close kinship with natural forms especially fish, birds, shells, and water. He enjoys the similarities of these shapes and often incorporates their elements into his work. The multiple interpretations of his sculptures are so prevalent that he is thinking of leaving his works untitled to allow the viewers to define the shapes for themselves. Often hidden in the abstraction is also a figurative form: head, arms, hips, thighs appear as the forms become continuously changing metaphors. Further, the fluidity of the curves invites the eye to travel their surfaces evoking a sense of motion in these stationary shapes.

The majority of his figurative pieces possess the same flow of line and elegant curve as the more abstract works. Yet Bechler has also created several tradional pieces, such as the 23 inch high bronze bust of Dr. Emil Frie commissioned by The Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

While he is concerned with reaching new levels of artistic achievement, Bechler feels sculpture, as a genre, should maintain certain qualities, that shape and form are the important elements of sculpture. For him, the three dimensionality of the object is inherent in its definition as sculpture and should be respected by the artist. And he prefers to let his statements -surface subliminally- as he creates each form.

Certainly part of his subliminal message is an expression of his personal bond with and love of the natural environment- obvious to observers who view his sculptures and marvel at their curved shapes, distinctive forms, and well -crafted designs.

More to come …… Soon …… Maybe

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